Please note the schedule may change slightly as the class progresses. Make sure you listen carefully to my instructions for homework in class and check our class website regularly. 

WEEK 1: Introduction
Wednesday January 18th: Introduction to class

WEEK 2: What are digital computers and where did they come from?
Monday January 23rd: The Modern History of Computing
Wednesday January 25th: Presentation 1 / History of Computers” from Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media 

WEEK 3: What are some foundational theories of “media” and “digital media”?
Monday January 30th: Presentation 2 / excerpt from Marshall McLuhan’s Understanding Media
Wednesday February 1st: Presentation 3 / excerpt from Friedrich Kittler’s Gramophone, Film, Typewriter

WEEK 4: continued
Monday February 6th: NO CLASS
Wednesday February 8th: GUEST SPEAKER / ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM #1 ON CLASS BLOG DUE by 11:59pm / continued

WEEK 5: How do media structure discourse?
Monday February 13th: Presentation 4 and Presentation 5 / excerpt from Jay Bolter and Richard Grusin’s Remediation
Wednesday February 15th: Presentation 6 / excerpt from Walter Ong’s Orality and Literacy / John Durham Peters’ “Writing” / Scott Bukatman’s “Gibson’s Typewriter / “Analog versus Digital” and “Old Media/New Media” from Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media

WEEK 6: continued
Monday February 20th: Presentation 7 / continued
Wednesday February 22nd: Presentation 8 / Matthew Fuller “Microsoft Word: It Looks Like You’re Writing a Letter” (read pages 137-165)

WEEK 7: How does “search” work and how does it determine our access to information?
Monday February 27th: Presentation 9 / excerpt from Matthew Fuller’s Software Studies: A Lexicon / Michael Mateas’s “Procedural Literacy
Wednesday March 1st: Presentation 10 / excerpt from John Batelle’s The Search / excerpt from The Googlization of Everything

WEEK 8: continued
Monday March 6th: Presentation 11 / continued
Wednesday March 8th: ONLINE DISCUSSION FORUM #2 DUE FRIDAY MARCH 10th by 5pm / Presentation 12 / continued and “Search” from Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media / The Data That Turned the World Upside Down

WEEK 9: What are the politics of digital media?
Monday March 13th: Presentation 13 and Presentation 14 /  “Hacker,” “Politics and New Media“, and “Subversion” from Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media
Wednesday March 15th: Presentation 15 and Presentation 16 / “Cyberfeminism,” “Gender and Media Use,” and “Gender Representation” from Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media

WEEK 10: continued
Monday March 20th: Presentation 17 / “Race and Ethnicity” from Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media and “Introduction” and Chapter 2 from Race After the Internet (pdf)
Wednesday March 22nd: Presentation 18 / continued

WEEK 11: Spring Break
Monday March 27th: NO CLASS
Wednesday March 29th: NO CLASS

WEEK 12: What is digital literature and does it have a politics?
Wednesday April 5th: Presentation 19 and Presentation 20 / Nick Montfort’s “What Hypertext Is” / Michael Joyce’s “Twelve Blue” / Judd Morrissey’s “The Jew’s Daughter” / browse hypertext poetry and art works listed here

WEEK 13: continued
Monday April 10thPresentation 21 / continued
Wednesday April 12th: Presentation 22 / bpNichol’s “First Screening” / Brian Kim Stefans’ “The Dreamlife of Letters” / “88 Constellations for Wittgenstein” / Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries

WEEK 14: continued
Monday April 17th: NO CLASS
Wednesday April 19th: FINAL RESEARCH PAPER DUE BY 11.59pm / continued

WEEK 15: continued
Monday April 24th: Presentation 23 / The Policeman’s Beard Is Half Constructedexcerpt from Erin Moure’s Pillage Laud / John Cayley’s “Translation
Wednesday April 26th work on final group projects in class

WEEK 16: Final Project Presentations

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