Final Project

English 2036 Group Project Guidelines
Due in Class December 11 and December 13

The assignment is to simply create something that responds to or explores subjects we’ve touched on in class! It could be typewriter art, it could be something on an old machine in the Media Archaeology Lab, an software study of a piece of popular software (perhaps such as powerpoint?), an artist book, a fictional twitter account, a work of hypertext literature, a work of kinetic typography or digital poetry, a computer-generated piece of poetry or fiction. When you present your work to the class, you should explain how it relates to the different ideas we’ve explored in class and what you learned from the creation process–i.e., how did your use of certain tools or programs open-up or foreclose on what you were able to do? How did these tools or programs affect not just what you created but how you thought about your creation? Your presentation should be no longer than 15 minutes.

Please note that unless a group-member is egregiously irresponsible (in which case you must contact me with details outlining the group-member’s behavior), all group-members will receive the same grade.

Monday December 11
Group 1:
Alma, Kiara, Dominic
Group 2: Margo, Ben, Victoria
Group 3: Josie, Taylor, Melissa
Group 4: Gracie, Aspen, Michaela

Wednesday December 13
Group 5: Grace R, Ellie, Talia
Group 6: Lily, Sofia, Kate
Group 7: Joelle, Lacey, Eddie
Group 8: 


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