Extra Credit

If there are digital media-related events this semester that will count for extra credit, this is where you will post your 300+ word accounts. These are due by the last day of class but ideally you’ll write and post them immediately after the event. It’ll be useful for us to hear about events we don’t all make it to and hear about what you learned!


One thought on “Extra Credit

  1. Yesterday I went to Veronica Villafane’s presentation, “How Digital Media Democratized Journalism and Amplified A Diversity of Voices.” She is the former president of National Association of Hispanic Journalists and recently created her own platform called “Media Moves”. After many years in the journalism field she noticed the lack of diversity around her. This is what drove her to join support groups for Latino journalists and speak out on the subject. Her talk was about the surge in original content posted on the Internet and the rise in minority groups that have made their own unique news outlets. She believes that this has increased the sense of democracy in the digital media world and gives more diverse views a chance to be heard. There are currently over a billion active websites and the number is increasing every day. Some people believe that this online clutter can be negative since everything shared is not always reliable. “Fake news” has become a recent buzzword that leads people to think maybe this development is not beneficial. Veronica believes that while there are some negative aspects, there are many more positive things that can come from it. Readers need to be accountable for themselves and the sources that they pull information from. With all of this new free content, the most reliable sources of newspapers and other established news outlets are quickly becoming obsolete. The biggest problem in the industry right now is how these companies can continue to make money when the public has developed the expectation that news should be free. She drew attention to the fact that millions of people happily pay monthly rates to sites such as Netflix or Hulu to receive their entertainment, yet we grumble about sites like The New York Times establishing paywalls on their websites. Print is slowly becoming extinct and the newspaper industry is trying to keep up with the digital age. There is no one solution to fix this problem, but she is optimistic that the increase in all the minority outlets will help to keep the public wholly informed and more diversified than it has been in the past.

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