last! in-class discussion questions on computer-generated poetry

  1. What’s at stake in Tristan Tzara’s “How to make a Dadaist poem“? What is he advocating for? What is he trying to disrupt?
  2. Now take a look at the first computer generated poem by Erin Mouré that I had you read for homework – how is the Tzara poem different from this?
  3. To what extent does a work have to be created with a particular intention in order to be called art? Is randomly generated poetry “poetry” proper?
    1. Does the means by which the poem has been created (scraps of paper versus a computer program) make any difference? Does it change the meaning or significance of the work?
    2. Are you able to glean meaning from the Mouré poems?
    3. Is there a way to see these poems as just as meaningful as poems that have been carefully crafted, with the author having a clear intention for each word?

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