Matthew Fuller in-class group work

Group 1: “Software is too often reduced to being simply a tool for the achievement of pre-existing, neutrally formulated tasks. Culture becomes an engineering problem.”

Group 2: In Microsoft Word “the work of literary writing and the task of data-entry share the same conceptual and performative environment, as do the journalist and the occasional HTML-coder.”

Group 3: “What this means contemporarily is that the disappearance of the worker is best achieved by the direct subsumption of all their potentiality within the apparatus of the work.”

Group 4: “A program like Word doesn’t deny autonomous work or the desire for it, but parasitises it, corrals and rides it at the same time as entering into an arrangement of simultaneous recomposition of scope.”

Group 5: “The user becomes an object, but at a particular position in the hierarchy of the others. The user-object is excluded from the internal transmission of information, and instead allocated representations of this information as interface.”

Group 6: “To be effective, human-machine integration required that people and machines be comprehended in similar terms so that human-machine systems could be engineered to maximize the performance of both kinds of component. Word has no direct interest in information and communication, but rather in its facilitation.” Thus, “the interface is the threshold between the underlying structure of the program and the user. As a threshold it contains elements of both.”


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