in class discussion questions on Remediation

  1. The film Strange Days “demonstrates what we call a double logic of remediation. Our culture wants both to multiply its media and to erase all traces of mediation: ideally, it wants to erase its media in the very act of multiplying them.” Explain this “double logic of remediation” and do so by drawing on a specific example from our current cultural moment. (5)
  2. Is this still the case today: “Older electronic and print media are seeking to reaffirm their status within our culture as digital media challenge that status.” (5)
  3. “Remediation did not begin with the introduction of digital media. We can identify the same process throughout the last several hundred years of Western visual representation…they are all attempts to achieve immediacy by ignoring or denying the presence of the medium and the act of mediation.” First, try to come up with a non-digital example of remediation. Second, what are some advantages and disadvantages to attempts to make the medium and mediation invisible? (11)
  4. Finally, where does Bolter/Grusin stand in relation to McLuhan? What ideas of McLuhan’s has he built on? And where does Bolter/Grusin stand in relation to Kittler?

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